Is it so difficult to see that there is only one specie of homo sapiens in this world?
Is it so difficult to see that Allah in Arabic is same as God in English, Brahma in Sanskrit, Ishwar in Hindi, and so on …

Is it so difficult to see that the blood flowing in your veins is the same group that flows in the veins of a person you consider non-believer, but possibly a different group than that of the person whom you consider a fellow believer?

That in case of requirement of blood for you or your own family member, either now or any time in the future, it is possible that you may not find a matching blood group within the immediate group of your believer kith and kin, but may find it in the body of a non-believer?
Will you then refuse to accept his blood, if he offers it?
Do you think you will get his blood if you had alienated him so much that he is nowhere near you when you need it?

Do you think in the future all your fellow believers will have the same blood group that you will not require any transfusion from a non-believer?

Do you think you can save all the required groups of blood for the future and thus do away with such a need in the future?

Is it so difficult to see that when a non-believer prays to his God, he is praying to the supreme infinite power of this universe, the One you consider to be Allah, whom you consider to possess all the attributes that he also considers Him to posses, only that he calls Him in his native tongue?

Is it so difficult to see that Insan, Man, Admi all mean the same and have the same attributes, abilities?

When will you wake up, fellow traveller of this journey of life that all of us begin alone, crying, and end alone.

—This post is based on comment posted elsewhere in reply to a ‘believer’.—