Shiva symbolises the consciousness that has opened the third eye through which all existence is seen as creations of the mind and thus, with that realisation, dissolves all creation.


Such a Yogi receives the flow of wisdom in his head represented by Ganga flowing into the head of Shiva.

The one who has immersed himself/ herself in the flow of wisdom represented by Ganga realises all world as creation of his mind and such a self-realised one does not need to take birth again.

In such a self-realised Shiva, who has dissolved all creation through the sight of his third eye, all creation lies dormant and all apparent opposites represented by Linga and the Yoni are joined as one.


It is said that the pouring of ghee into the sacrificial fire represents the offering of thoughts of mind to the burning fire of self-enquiry, upon which the thoughts which were earlier dense and opaque turns transparent which facilitates seeing the world through it with clarity.

Creative efforts by Brahma, the creator of the universe to rise to the pinnacle of the self-realised consciousness Shiva through creation and the main efforts by Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe, to arrive at the base of the self-realised Shiva are equally unsuccessful as represented by the analogies of Swan and Boar.