Do ideas attract you ?

Search for the truth of Life and its purpose interest you ?
The quest for meaning of life allure you ?

Then you think like a brahmana.
Seek to realise brahma and impart knowledge to society.


Are you interested in events, actions; look forward to making things happen ?
Do principles attract you ?
Do you feel impelled to raise your voice against unrighteusness,  uphold dharma ?

Then you act like a kshatriya.
Administer society. Uphold dharma, righteousness.


Do materials interest you ?
Gadgets engage you ? producing things attract you ? creating objects makes you happy ?

Then you may handle things like a vyshya.
Go on, set up business. Produce things for society.


Do you venerate personalities, identify with heroes, enamoured with film stars, adore cricketers, want to live their lifestyle ? Emulate people ? Seek guidance from others? Want to model yourself on another ?

Then you seek to ‘experience’ life, emotions, feelings, taking cue from others, like a sudra.

Accept as role models persons of true worth, not mere pomp and show. Choose those whose aim is to benefit society, not their own selves. Choose those who have realised brahma, those who upholds dharma and those who produces things for society. 
And help them in benefitting society.


Every person is a dynamic, growing, living, being. As a person grows, his outlook on life changes and his interests change. As one feels drawn to new aims, he should pursue them and actualise karma.


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