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Western systems use people. Indoctrinates people to consider themselves as ‘belonging’ to a community/country/class/ideology group, then to work as pawn for the group, dangling carrots in front, and using stick behind.

Christianity make people consider themselves as ‘christian’, who are reserved a place in ‘heaven’ alongside ‘god’ for working for the church, else a place in hell

Islam indoctrinates people to consider themselves as belonging to ‘ummah’, who are, again, reserved a place in heaven if working for ummah, else they will get hell

Communism makes people swallow the line that they belong to a ‘working class’, who have a special place in the ‘egalitarian state’ that is to come in future, for which they should carry out the dictates of the politburo, else they will be considered class enemy and killed

Capitalism indoctrinates people to consider themselves as belonging to ‘modern society’ where consuming and devising ways to consume Nature and other beings is essential nature and the path to self-actualisation, so people should engage in capturing and developing new markets for exploitation by the capitalists, else will be termed ‘primitive’, ‘anti-modern’, ‘fundamentalist’ and displaced, destroyed.

Words like ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘equality’, ‘freedom’, ‘development’, ‘democracy’, are used to deceive people, to cloak the selfish endeavours of aggrandizers as they use people.


In the last Lok Sabha elections in India, voter turnout was 60%. The UPA got 37% votes polled. That means, 22% of eligible voters in India voted for UPA. Which means, 78% of eligible voters in India did not choose the current govt. Yet ‘democracy’ is touted as representing aspirations of majority.

Out of the 22% indians that voted for UPA, half of it comprise of their permanent vote banks among muslims and christians, and of the remaining half, a major chunk comprise of people who have been bribed- through pre-election soaps like pay hike, free televisions, loan waivers, NREGA scheme and giving cash directly.

The system fools people into considering that they elect representatives to administer their country. Reality is that people are given choice between candidates fielded by different parties that serve themselves and those who provide them funds. By dividing society these parties have developed their vote-banks that are sufficient to prevent any independent from upsetting the cart. If somebody emerges like that, that person is immediately bought over by the power brokers into one of the alliances or decimated. The ‘elected representatives’ then further divide society through harmful policies while developing their vote-banks, misappropriate taxpayer’s money for personal benefit as well as to indirectly fund election campaigns by way of schemes that are actually thinly disguised soaps to bribe voters. Society is made supine and indolent, prevented from realizing or prosecuting these power structures by indoctrination and propaganda through media and academe.

The current ‘democratic system’ is off the people, buy the people and fraud the people.

In sharp contrast, the system that existed in the past in India, that of panchayats, were true representative of people, it comprised of the local people, was answerable to local people in transparent manner, decision making was transparent. Truly, of the people, by the people, for the people.

Dividing people

Dividing people is the way by which western systems sustain their influence in society. Dividing people into minority/majority, modern/primitive, right wing/ left wing, moderate/extremist, religious/rationalist/agnostic/atheist, muslim/kaffir, christian/heathen, liberal/fundamentalist,   communist/bourgeoisie, lower-caste/upper-caste, SC/ST/OBC/MBC/Dalit/General/Other, us/them. Thereafter generate antipathy, prejudice in minds of people against ‘the other’ and use people as tools to subversively further the selfish interest of aggrandizers. The fear, suspicion created in minds fixate people on labels and prevent them from understanding themselves, life and ‘the others’, and renders them susceptible to manipulation by others and turn manipulative themselves.


Fooling people is the perennial characteristic of all western systems.

Every victory made by the western systems were bought. Each one was achieved by bribing an insider to turncoat. Betrayal is the foundation upon which western systems are built upon.

Prominent example is the way Romans bribed Judas to betray Jesus.
Later the growing christian community was infiltrated by Romans, who then established Catholic Church with a clergy as intermediary between Jesus’s teachings and laity, that deprived access to Bible by lay people, turning them into sheep- with clergy as shepherd, who were then inculcated with herd mentality and used to expand the influence of Roman Empire. Indigenous groups that resisted Roman aggression were called infidel/heathens and massacred without conscience, millions were burned at stake.

This characteristic of infiltrating opposing camps and buying turncoats using incentives was on display in the Islamic capture of Medina and later Mecca.

This feature was also the path adopted by every muslim marauder that came to India, as well as extensively by the brutish, portugese, french and dutch colonizers.

This was also the path by which europeans defeated Native Americans.
This was the technique by which slavery was sustained for centuries, by cultivating what Malcolm X called ‘house niggers’ and Uncle Toms among the slave community.

This characteristic drives the west-created system in India and all over the world today.

It is the turncoat Kashmiris that are used as pawns by these west-created systems in Kashmir. It is the converted christians that are used as pawns by these west-created systems to destroy Indian society in North East, Orissa, etc. It is the turncoats among tribal communities that are used to establish hegemony of western empires in tribal lands today. It is the sold out indians that are used to entrench western interest in indian society- the sold out indians in media, in political parties, in bureaucracy, in NGOs, in police, in Judiciary, in academe, in entertainment industry, in corporate field.

Root cause

While deracination plays a large part in making of a turncoat, it is ultimately the inherent characteristic of a person, the inherent consciousness of dharma or its deficiency, that makes a person sell him/herself repeatedly.
It is consciousness of dharma and adherence to it that sustains life, sustains dharma, and in turn sustains the sustainer of dharma.


Each of the western systems of aggrandizement, built upon deceit, division, bribery, crash down when the turncoats turn around, when sepoys rebel, when sheep become humans, when people realize their roots, realize themselves, and within them dharma.



Can bharatiya worldview meet western worldview ? Can both come together and co-exist ?

bharatiya Worldview

bharatiya worldview or darshana is based on the original thought processes that shaped bharatiya samskriti through millenniums, exemplified by thoughts such as: –

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
May all worlds experience well-being

sarveshAm swastir bhavatu, sarveshAm shantir bhavatu, sarveshAm poornam bhavatu, sarveshAm mangalam bhavatu
Health, peace, fulfilment and auspiciousness to all beings

sarve bhavantu sukhinaha, sarve santu niramayAh, sarve bhadrAni pasyantu, mA kashchit dughabhAgbhaved
Well being, fulfilment, secure-prosperity and happiness to all.

Aum, shAntiH shAntiH shAntiH
Peace to all

vasudhaiva kutumbakam
Whole universe is family

These altruistic thoughts were the result of realization by rishis that supreme reality is one and the apparent diversity is a result of perception. This realization inspired them to understand themselves as comprising of purusha and prakriti, integral with the supreme reality; and they nurtured Nature and respected all beings.

Western Worldview

Western worldview is based on thought processes that shaped the aggrandizing behaviour of alexander’s greece, imperial rome, the catholic church and its offshoots- islam and protestant christianity, capitalism, communism, nazism and fascism. This worldview is characterised by fixation on materialistic things. Its roots may extent to the ancient egyptians who built massive tombs and displayed attachment to material objects.

The Contrast

In contrast to bharatiya darshana, western world view is unable to consider life as spiritual. It is perennially fixated on things physical and on material acquisitions.

bharatiya darshana considers supreme reality brahma as pervading the whole creation. Western worldview considers supreme reality as confined to some place apart from this world called ‘heaven’ and entirely dependent on the allegiance offered by the people on earth to feel contented; or they fail to recognise any supreme reality at all, beyond what is perceived by their limited senses.

While bharatiya darshana recognises spirituality as the core of every being, every creation in the world, western worldview denies spirituality in every being in this world, assigning it to an entity out of this world called God or Allah, an entity that threatens ‘eternal damnation’ upon people unless they bow down to it. Or else denies spirituality altogether, both in this world and in every other world, terming it ‘super-natural’, ‘meta-physical’, ‘irrational’ etc.

A Metaphor

Metaphorically, bharatiya darshana inspires and provides opportunity to consider life as a sacred experience and to rise up to spiritual heights using intuitionary wisdom, like a bird rising in air using its wings.
The western worldview on the other hand impels people to behave like processionary caterpillars in their beliefs while wallowing in materialism, like a worm crawling in mud.

The western mind seeks to expand horizontally in the flatworld of materialism while bharatiya darshana inspires growth in a third dimension- the spiritual dimension.

The Question

This poses the question- Can a bird that rises in air dialogue with a worm immersed in mud ?


It is possible only if the bird stops flying and immmerse itself into the materialistic-mud world of the worm.
But, if the bird does that, it is not flying any more and will not be able to explain to the worm. On the other hand, the bird will have mud sticking on its body that will weigh down and hamper its movement of wings.
Even if the bird joins the worm in materialistic world and dialogues with it, the worm, limited in its flatwordly experience, may not comprehend the experience of flying that the bird talks of, it may misconstrue the message.
Some worms may even seek to devour the bird in their relentless search towards self-aggrandizement.
The case of Jesus was one such, of a bird who got devoured by the aggrandizing imperial rome that later hoisted his skeleton as a divine symbol from spiritual dimension and used that to maliciously brainwash and subjugate millions of people.

At present there are many birds who, through conditioning, have forgotten their wings that if used could take them to spiritual heights, and are instead engaged in crawling in the materialistic mud, competing with worms. Many such birds have, through lack of use, shrivelled their wing muscles.

When such birds exercise their wings, gradually developing their muscles, they may realise that they have the capacity to rise above the materialistic mud world and experience a new dimension.
With such continued exploration of the spiritual dimension, their intuitionary wisdom will gather strength and help them reach further heights. As they continue to do that, the mud sticking on their body, materialistic attachments, will dry out and fall away, making them lighter, feel more free, and able to fly higher.

When the birds start to fly, the worms may get curious. Many of them may discover that they too have budding wings and exercising it, over time, attain heights. Some others who do not have wings may start to introspect. When they emerge from such introspection, like from a cocoon, they may also have acquired wings that could take them to spiritual heights.

When that happens, dialogue between the bird and the worm-turned-fly would be meaningful.
It would be only then that bharatiya samskriti would be understood by the reformed western mind- one that recognises its own spirituality.





A clarification:- bharatiya darshana and western worldview are not genetically acquired. They are acquired during the course of life. Upbringing and environs definitely plays a part in consolidating them. But it is quite possible for a person born and brought up in bharata deshaH to have western outlook (in fact most indians do so) while another born and brought up outside acquires bharatiya darshana through spiritual enquiry (although rarely does it happen).


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