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 There is a distinct calculated attack on ancient Indian culture.

Well, that has been happening for more than 1000 years now starting with the early Muslim invaders. But the British made a nuanced attack by creating an education system that produces mindless idiots brainwashed to look at their own culture with disdain.

The products of such an education system, notaby among the non-technical streams such as history, arts, journalism, law, social sciences, humanities and administration are very useful tools in the hands of those who want to destroy the indian culture.

The British also identified all the ills prevalent in the country an classified them as ‘hindu religion’.

So now a lot of ‘educated’ people consider that practices, developed in certain localities which were under muslim rule, such as sati, covering of face by women, female infanticide, child marriage etc., as sanctioned by this religion and thus feel revolted and guilty about their own religion.

It is the vocal lot among these people who consider it their duty to wean away their countrymen from this destructive religion and culture. The non-vocals feel guilty and try to forget their confusions through cricket, TV, films and money making.

The british also spread the propaganda that ancient Indian culture is all about superstitions, idol worship and primitive rituals, with the result that not even 0.001 percent of the present Indians have considered it necessary or advisable to read and understand even the basic texts such as Vedas and Upanishads.

The language Sanskrit which could have conveyed the meaning of these scriptures to Indians has been removed from the society first by the british and later by the offsprings of their propaganda education system.

An example of how Indian culture is demeaned by chritian propaganda is given here-

Indians need to understand that ancient Indian scriptures are their own and not of any religion. Because those ancient scriptures do not mention any religion.

Indians need to understand that the so-called ‘hindu religion’ is a creation of the british who made sure to identify and classify all the ills prevalent in society as having been sanctioned by that religion and assigned it as ancient Indian religion; whereas actual fact is that such a word is not found in our ancient scriptures.

We who are born in India are Indians and by consequence all ancient scriptures of India are our own.
Only when we acknowedge this fact are we able to benefit from the wisdom of our scriptures; and they are really full of wisdom.

So long as we in our mind consider ourselves and our fellow Indians as christian, muslim, sikh, buddhist, hindu or dalit, brahmin, and so on, and assign some historical personalities and texts as ours and theirs, ancient Indian culture will disappear and with it India will disappear.

There is a false thinking among some of us that ancient Indian civilisation has been around for some 10,000 years and will continue to withstand all attacks and survive for another 10,000 years.

When the river Saraswati that was the cradle of ancient Indian civilisation dried up, the people moved on to other more hospitable areas but they took their spiritual wisdom with them and passed it on to subsequent generations in the form of Vedas, Upanishads etc.
Unfortunately, Indians now living in India are turning away from this almost infinite treasure trove of wisdom.

Unless we Indians appreciate our scriptures and understand the wisdom they contain, we as human beings will not fulfill ourselves spiritually. Moreover, we will deprive our future generations of this immense wealth of wisdom. And that will be the end of the ancient Indian civilisation.

It is my conclusion that there was no ‘hindu’ among the people of Saraswati river civilisation, if there was, it would have been mentioned in the texts they created.
This land we call India was their home as it is our home now. And therefore, we Indians, regardless of the religious or political beliefs that we may hold, are really the civilisational succesors of those ancients and thereby, their inheritors.

It is thus our duty as Indians to appreciate the spiritual wealth of our inheritance, respect it for its infinite worth and discover unity among ouselves by thus identifying ouselves with this land we call India.

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I have not come across the word Hindu in our oldest traditional texts.
As I understand, that word was used by Persians to call the people living beside the river Indus.
So is ‘Hinduism’ not defined in any of our old texts. My guess is that ‘Hinduism’ was coined by some Britisher.

Metaphorically speaking I see that as shackles made by somebody else. Shackles bearing the name ‘Hindu’ which is entirely undefined in our tradition.

By accepting to label ourselves as Hindu we begin to travel in paths untrodden by our ancestors- the sages who travelled this earth before us. And thus break away from our anscestors and make of ourselves orphans.

When we accept for ourselves a label that somebody else has given us, then we have to inevitably accept the definition they give us. And the definition they have chosen for us is definitely to suit them and in no way complementary to us. In their definition Sati, Child marriages, Caste oppression, bigotry, blind beliefs, superstitions, gender inequality, erotic sex, etc., are the customs that defines this ‘religion’ they call Hinduism.

These customs, I do not find in our texts. What I find in our texts is everything opposite of what they have defined.

That being so, are we not doing a great disservice to ourselves and future generations by calling ourselves by that name?

What I have come across in our scriptures is the sage calling himself as Brahma – ‘ Aham Brahmasmi, after achieving realisation. ‘I am Brahma- the supreme universal power.’
Which is the exact opposite of what the westerner defines his religion ‘ Hinduism’.

So if I have to call myself some name, let me call myself ‘Brahma’- the supreme universal truth- after self-realisation. Until then let me call myself ‘potential Brahma’. 

———————This post is based on comments posted elsewhere ———Thanks for reading


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